The program aims at habitat restoration which will eventually improve ecological health of the sanctuary after the original vegetation had been degraded by bush fires, overgrazing by mega herbivores, droughts due to climate change etc. The reforestation project was first established in 2010 as a pilot project which covers 35 trees per 0.5 sq. km. So far more than 10,000 indigenous trees have been planted and are thriving.

Day out with ranger

The Sanctuary boasts fifteen knowledgeable rangers with diverse experience. They are well versed in birding, bush craft, indigenous knowledge and flora/fauna identification. A ranger will explain and guide guests on conservation and natural history.

WWI Excursions

All the rangers are well versed on the World War One activities which took place in Taita-Taveta County more than a century ago. They have undergone special training on the subject several times and have visited all the sites within the Taita locality. They are able to interpret for guests the WW1 Museum displayed at Taita Hills Safari Resort & Spa.

Community and Cultural Tourism

We started partnering with a local cultural group sometimes in 2019 with the aim of exploring Taita culture. The group has already identified products (including traditional foods and basketry). They have support from the county government to develop trails leading to 17 caves where skulls of ancient Taita leaders were preserved.

Bush Meals/Sundowners

There are four bush activity venues within the sanctuary and all have basic toilet amenities and have magnificent views of the Taita hills, sanctuary, adjacent Tsavo plains and of course Mt. Kilimanjaro (during clear weather days).As part of Taita Hills Safari Resort & Spa enhanced experience, these sites can be used for either bush breakfast, sundowner or bush dinner depending on the taste and size of the group involved.


Game Viewing

Early morning and late afternoon game drive around Salt Lick Safari Lodge provide an ideal opportunity to view and photograph the diverse array of wildlife within the Sanctuary. The waterholes below provide a wonderful opportunity to view animals at close proximity in their natural habitat. The lobby and terrace bar offers excellent views and photographic opportunities, while an underground tunnel and bunker with ground-level windows provide unbelievably close yet safe access to a variety of animals as they drink.

Night Game Drives

Night game drives provide guests with an opportunity of seeing animals not usually encountered on a daytime game drive such as spotted and striped hyena, mongoose, jackal, civet, genet, porcupine and bush baby. Salt Lick Safari Lodge have highly trained rangers equipped with powerful spotlights to take guests on this experience of a totally different world after dark, when you may have the thrilling opportunity to see a predator actively hunting.

Most predators are more active at night so night drives also provide the opportunity of experiencing the ‘Circle of Life’. The lobby and terraced bar offer excellent views and photographic opportunities, while an underground tunnel and bunker with ground level windows provides unbelievably close, yet safe, access to a variety of animals as they drink water.